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Upgrading an Electric Service FAQ:

Home Electrical Codes:
Home electrical wiring codes are designed to protect the occupants of the home and the home electrical wiring components. Electrical wiring installed at any time to the home must comply to these National Electrical Codes (NEC) to maintain safety.

Electrical Panels and service disconnecting means, shall be at readily accessible location either outside a building or structure or inside nearest the point of entrance of the service entrance conductors, and shall not be located in bathrooms or in the vicinity of easily ignitable materials such as in clothes closets.

Working space around electrical equipment shall be minimum: 30" wide and 36" deep and 6'-6" high, It also must be illuminated

Typical Family Home - electrical loads:
General Lighting
Small Appliances
1- electric range, 12 kw
1- electric space heating, 5 kw (1 central elect. heating unit)
1- electric water heater,  
5 kw
1- central air conditioner, 9 kw
1- dishwasher, 1 kw
1- disposal, 0.9 kw
1- electric clothes dryer,
5 kw
1- 2 Charging pods for Electrical cars

Electric Service:
A minimum of 100 Amp 3-wire service for a single-family dwelling unit is required, but 200 amp or 400 amp upgrade is required due to increases in electrical loads

Installing a 200 amp service line and panel (upgrade)

Installing a 400 amp service line and panel (upgrade)

Installing a 100 Amp Sub Panel for home quarters and detached dwellings

Installing a 100 Amp Sub Panel for a Garage including Charging pods for Electrical cars

Minimum disconnect rating for one circuit is 15 amps, for two circuits is 30 amps and for all others it is 60 amps


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